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Wave at Night


Image of Wave at Night
  • Image of Wave at Night
  • Image of Wave at Night

When I lived in Mendocino, I did a number of Wave and Tree paintings. The dimension of this original Acrylic Painting is 16 inches by 20 inches with 1/2 inch sides. This is one of that series. I used some dark contrasting colors to do this one. It was a joy to make. In the past and even now there is a cool art scene in that community, like a lot of coastal communities. I love the ocean and waves and did visit the beach often when I lived out there. I really Loved doing Wave paintings. It gave me a chance to play with some abstraction within that form. I don't think I will be doing as many Wave paintings since I no longer live on the coast. I am thinking of doing more Tree paintings in future if I get some time to paint because I am out here in OR where there are a lot of Trees. Domestic Priority Shipping included in Price.