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Image of Springtime
  • Image of Springtime
  • Image of Springtime

This is an original Acrylic Painting I did a while ago to celebrate the Spring. This painting measures 3ft by 2ft with 2 inch sides. I lived in Seattle for a long time where the winters are pretty dark and gloomy. The sun goes down there at 4:00 in the dead of winter. I had a good time in Seattle but do struggle sometimes with just not being very happy person and seasonal blues can get to you in the Northwest. I also do like trees and foliage and really enjoy flowers. I had a pretty big house plant collection when I lived up there. In one of the homes I rented, I planted wildflowers in our front yard and a lot of Bees moved in. I think that is what made me want to do a painting like this. I have enjoyed gardening a lot and insects and other animals outside all my life. Pollinators are always very cool to look at and are very important to us humans. They are part of the whole agricultural system that helps feed us. I think a lot of times people just take other animals for granted like they should be our servants or something. I think the first step is admitting we are animals ourselves and we should be a little more kind or aware of our place on the planet. Also, we should realize we are not better than a bunch of animals like we think we are. We obviously cause a lot of problems for other animals and ourselves, Bees included, with our attitude of superiority. We even have to think we are superior to each other which is a personality defect that seems rampant in our society. We even have invented ways to measure how superior we think we are to each other. I wanted to make a painting how I would imagine an insect or pollinator would see flowers. I have seen those pictures on the internet that try to emulate what an insect or pollinator might see when they look for flowers as well. I also just wanted to do something that was kind of bright and cheerful after a long winter in Seattle. I used contrasting colors to increase the effect I was hoping to make. Domestic Priority Shipping Included in Price.