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Mendocino Redwood


Image of Mendocino Redwood
  • Image of Mendocino Redwood
  • Image of Mendocino Redwood

This is probably my favorite painting I have ever done. I used Mendocino County as my inspiration on this one. It is an original Acrylic Painting that is 2 ft by 2.5 ft with 1.75 inch sides. I consider this to be a Masterpiece of this original style I had worked on for years. This is fully done in my original style. If I actually sold more work, I would have more similar to it, because it was a total joy to make. I used to have a sort of a 'The Grass is Greener on the Other Side' type mentality. I definitely don't anymore, but at the time I made this painting, I did. I always and still do Love Mendocino County in California, but am totally ok with living in Springfield, OR where I currently live now. It is surprisingly a challenge to live in Mendocino County on the coast there due to costs. It actually took me moving to Mendocino County for a year from Seattle (from where I was also an economic refugee) to change my perspective into being more accepting of my current situation. I feel like a "Grass is Greener on the Other Side' mentality has the potential of being a waste of time. That state of mind did produce this piece, however, so can't say a little bit of fantasy or idealized type future thinking in life is a total waste of time. I always wanted to move closer to my Dad and other family but it ended up being such a challenge to live in Mendocino that I didn't even get to visit them as much as I would have liked. The housing crisis on the West Coast is real in that little community on the coast. It was very expensive to live there with very little real opportunity. At least my mentality produced this piece at the time, and I do still Love Mendocino County, I'm just glad I do not live there. Way too stressful! Domestic Priority Shipping included in Price.