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Image of Flames
  • Image of Flames
  • Image of Flames

This is an original Acrylic Painting I did of fire or flames. It dimensions are 1ft by 2ft with 1.75 inch sides. From working with Borosilicate Glass, I have a lot of experience working with flames and fire. I used colors in this painting that I am used to seeing when I work. The protective eyeglasses I use when I work, block out a lot of the yellow and orange flame and I mostly see the blue flame when I am working. Fire on the West Coast is also something we deal with quite a bit, as well. It is scary to live in a fire area, especially if you live in the country. Right now, the air is very bad where I live here in Oregon. It is something that is powerful, scary and inconvenient that we deal with every year now. Now it seems like even people on the East Coast, where they do not have a lot of wildfires, have to deal with the effects of it in the form of polluted air. As the weather patterns change due to global warming, we are bound to deal with it more and more. It is a scary and powerful element and I wanted to do a painting of it. This one is done on wood panel which I really like painting on. I only have a few paintings on wood panel. Most of mine are done on stretched canvas. I would love to do more on wood panel if I get the opportunity in the future. It is a little bit less forgiving than working on canvas because you have to have your base drawing pretty well worked out, so you don't damage the surface of the wood from over working it. This was a joy to make and has a bit more of an abstract vibe than some of my other works. Domestic Priority Shipping included in Price.